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Psychology and the Ski Racer

On Wednesday the 19th of October 2011 Rob was pleased to be invited to speak to the members of Midland Ski Club about psychology in ski racing. He was assisted in his presentation by Amanda Owens. Around 50 members of Midland Ski Club attended the evening for what turned into a lively and interactive session.

To download Robs Powerpoint presentation please Click Here to download a PDF version Click Here

Periodisation in Skiing

Periodisation in Skiing: A Sport Psychology and Integrated Approach

Working now for over four years with GB skier Rob Bullen I implemented the concept of periodisation from a sport psychology perspective into skiing. I had previously introduced the concept of periodisation into professional cricket back in 2002/2003 (
We developed a specialised programme for Rob initially for his 2010-2011 race/training season.

Working as a sport psychologist with Rob and encouraging an integrated environment, I work closely with Neil Welch Robert’s Strength and Conditioning Coach

Pret Sandwich

The Thinking Skiers PRET Sandwich: How to think and focus appropriately before, during & in between your first and second run.

During races as a skier you have so much to time to think, in fact TOO MUCH TIME TO THINK, which can be unhelpful for you to race at your best. You can be distracted by: spectators, partners, sponsors, media, race competitors, FIS points and a poor first run… Working with Rob Bullen at The British Land Skiing Championships in Meribel, we worked on the race and run sandwich.

Sports Psychology

Amanda Owens has worked with Rob for over 3 years. In these articles she provides information to help the alpine ski racer improve the mind and strengthen overall performance.

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10 Psychological Tips to Improve your Ski Racing

Where’s your head at? Amanda Owens a Leading Sport Psychologist provides 10 Mental Skills/psychological tips to improve your skiing and race performance.

Where’s your head at?