Kandahar Racing

Being part of a club is one of the highlights of ski racing. The Clubs arrange training camps, run race camps, act as an information funnels and help and support the racer.

Rob Bullen joined Kandahar in 2004. Barry his father, had some experience of ski racing, but only in France, and he had been unable to find out about British ski racing until a web trawl and a fortuitous telephone call to Kandahar Racing. After a conversation lasting over one hour, he learnt a huge amount about British ski racing and had a found a welcoming club which has supported Rob ever since.

Kandahar Ski Club, the oldest racing ski club, was founded in 1924 by 12 Englishmen including Sir Arnold Lunn, who were all passionate about ski racing. Ultimately they wrote the rules of International Ski Racing, which were then adopted by FIS (International Ski Federation), the Governing Body for Snowsports and ensured that Alpine ski racing became an Olympic sport. Kandahar Ski Club has become the premiere racing ski club in Britain and many of the top British Ski Racers are members and started their training with the Club.

Kandahar Racing, the Junior Training programme of Kandahar Ski Club has been training ski racers for 60 years in the Alps. The aim of Kandahar Racing is to provide a year round programme of ski race training camps and fitness training support for children between the ages of 8 to 18 based in the Alps during school holidays.

Kandahar Ski Club currently has 15 members on the British Children’s, Junior and Senior Alpine Ski Team, as well as members on the British Skier Cross Team and the British Free Style Team. We were best overall Club in the Children’s sector at the 2012 BARSC and English Championships.
Being part of Kandahar is like being part of a skiing family. Many members are involved in running and administrating the sport at all levels which means the Club always has first hand knowledge of British Ski Racing.

Detailed information can be found on www.kandaharracing.com and www.kandahar.org.uk